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Candid Wedding Photography Kolkata

Candid Wedding Photography has become an emerging trend in Kolkata. In order to become the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, it is very important for you to gather knowledge related to several aspects of candid wedding photography. It takes a good amount of practice and education to become candid wedding photographer in Kolkata. 

Six Tips for good candid wedding photography:

Many couples do not want traditional photographs on their special days and opt for candid wedding photographers to make their wedding days more beautiful. There are some tips that can make you work easier.

1. Always be prepared:
One of the most significant rules is to always stay prepared. You need to keep your camera ready and make sure that you do not miss a beautiful moment. However, you have to ensure that shutter speed and ISO remain suitable for the selected environment. You also need to keep extra memory cards handy with you at the wedding ceremony.

2. Using the right equipment:
Even though pro DSLRs are good for many of the photoshop, it is more preferable to have smaller cameras with you to capture candid pictures. Candid moments are best clicked if a certain distance is maintained from the subject. Hence, a candid wedding photographer must invest in a zoom lens as it will help serve the purpose.

3. Prior Planning :
A very good way to enhance candid wedding photography is by visiting the wedding venue prior to the ceremony. It will help you to get an idea of good locations of the venue.

4. Paying attention:
As a good candid photographer, you have to pay attention to details if your aim is to capture good candid pictures at the ceremony. Keep an eye on your surroundings to understand what is happening there.

          5. Embrace mistakes:
We all are humans and we all can commit mistakes while clicking a picture.  Nevermind, just accept the fact instead of feeling embarrassed to click another picture. Remember, it is always better to provide the clients with the better pictures that the wrong ones. Sometimes, clients may feel annoyed for clicking the picture again. That’s is where you need to convince them in a calm state of mind to take another picture. After all, when they will see the amazing pictures, they will definitely feel glad.

Best camera settings for candid wedding photography:

It is very important for professional wedding photographers to get an idea about the best camera settings for candid wedding photography.

Zoom lens:
The zoom lens is more preferable than the prime lens s as it can cover a wide range. When short focal lengths can be considered good for a group shot, telephoto focal strength is good for close-up shots. 

Using ambient lights more than flashlights:
Depend more on the ambient light rather than flash. If the photographer uses flash, the subject will become much more conscious. Therefore, he will not be able to take candid photographs. 

Using burst mode:
If you are afraid of missing the perfect shot, you can use burst mode or drive mode on your camera. You just need to hold the button to continuously click photos after photos and in order to stop it, you have to let go of the shutter. Click a lot of photos and select the best one from the group of photos. 

      4. Shooting in RAW format:
If a photographer wants post-process the wedding photos, he needs to shoot at RAW format rather than JPG format. This type of file contains much more information related to the image than the JPG files and it provides the photographer editing flexibility.

Good candid photography needs practice. The more you will practice candid photography, the more you will learn and become better. 

Why candid wedding photography captures the best photos

Candid wedding photography has become a craze in Kolkata nowadays. Candid photography is the art of capturing pictures of people when they are unaware that their photos are being taken. Candid wedding photographs look much more natural compared to the traditional wedding photographs. Here’s a list of 6 reasons that makes candid photography the best for your wedding.

Natural reactions of people:
Candid wedding photography is unique because it captures the natural reactions of people adding life to them. It captures people’s real emotions and feelings of a particular moment through a picture. Candid photography is more spontaneous than the traditional ones. Tradition wedding photographers capture the events just the way they are making them dull and monotonous.

  The technical aspects:
The approach of traditional wedding photography and candid wedding photography is completely different. As far as candid wedding photography is concerned, the photographer will capture a person in an informal tone. The final look of the pictures remains totally dependent on the processing of photographs. It can be said that candid wedding photography depends more on the technical skills of the photographer.

   High-quality pictures:
In order to provide their clients with high-quality pictures the candid wedding photographers. need expensive cameras, lighting equipment and lens kit, which generally cost around in lakhs. Editing tools which also play an important role in candid wedding photography in Kolkata are generally on the higher side of the budget.
The candid photographers need expensive and sophisticated software packages to edit the pictures beautifully to make sure that the pictures become flawless and bright. They delete the unwanted photos and bring out only the best candid wedding pictures which are appropriately edited and colour corrected. 

       Candid wedding photography is more enjoyable:
You will enjoy much more with candid wedding photography than traditional wedding photography. You will not have to follow a lot of rules as the candid photographer will be capturing your natural moments. The candid wedding photographer will capture the interesting moments from the rituals and ceremonies of the wedding. You will definitely be having fun if you do not have to pose for photos. 

      Candid wedding photographs are full of surprises:
The candid photos provide pleasant surprises for several relatives and guests who remain totally unaware of the fact that their photos are being taken. When the final album of the wedding arrives, it brings a feeling of joy in several people. The album is generally welcomed with pleasures, smiles and a sense of satisfaction.
Many short-lived yet memorable moments get captured with perfection through the cameras. Once you get the album, you come to know that all of those short, unnoticed, precious moments are captured so beautifully. They will want to relive those moments again and again!

 Freedom of expression:
Candid wedding photography lets a person stay the way he is! It does not demand any type of special pose or forced smile from you. As it provides you with a freedom of expression, it helps the photos to become original. Thus, the photos portray the real you and you will not feel uncomfortable for giving special pose at a particular direction.

With the emerging trend of candid wedding photography in Kolkata, it is not very difficult to find a talented candid wedding photographer. Choose the one who is well equipped and experienced in this field and be amazed to receive pictures which you wouldn’t have thought of.

 Candid photography

A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved in many ways, for example: when the subject is in motion, by avoiding prior preparation of the subject, by surprising the subject, by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos

Candid wedding photography has become a craze in Kolkata nowadays. Candid photography is the art of capturing pictures of people when they are unaware that their photos are being taken. Candid wedding photographs look much more natural compared to the traditional wedding photographs